Before embarking on the Espresso 77 journey, Afzal and Julie were both working in architecture, designing libraries and skyscrapers. In November 2006, Afzal took a break to pursue his own work in architecture and painting. He also started working on an idea that had been growing for a few years – the creation of a local business that would also become a touchstone for the neighborhood and a place for creative people to come together. We opened our shop in December 2007 and it has been a great and exciting ride since then!

Our space is designed to be warm and welcoming, modern and clean. Afzal’s interest in painting is reflected in the gallery program – one wall of the shop is dedicated to a rotating exhibition of art by local artists. Attention to detail is evident even in the restroom – local artist Sonya Gropman created a whimsical world with delicate painting against a backdrop of brilliant blue – not to be missed! .

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